Orthopedic Shoes by Dr. Orthopedic

Welcome to the specialised site for orthopedic shoes and insoles Dr. Orthopedic. Here, you can find useful information about the health problems of the leg and the foot, as well as the best ideas how to solve them. The orthopedic shoes by Dr. Orthopedic were developed by leading experts and podiatrists, and they provide quality solutions for patients with diabetic foot, hallux valgus, flatfootedness, metatarsalgia, deformations of the foot, etc.

About us

Our group of companies is an established supplier of orthopedic, anatomic and comfortable shoes on the Bulgarian market for the brands:
• Dr. COMFORT – Turkey,
• POLARIS – Turkey, etc.
Considering the customer demand and the needs of the market, and using the acquired experience in the sector of medical products, we made the decision to start Bulgarian manufacturing of orthopedic shoes using modern technologies, in accordance with Directive 93/42 ЕЕС.
Under the trade mark Dr. Orthopedic we manufacture custom-made orthopedic shoes, which were developed by orthopedists and podiatrists for various pathologies of the leg and the foot.

Procedure for free disburcement

pursuant to Appendix №7 to Art. 40, para. 1 of the Rules of Application of the Integration of Disabled People Act

1. Referral by the General Practicioner to the specialised orthopedic doctors’ consulting committee.
2. Medical protocol by a doctor's commission for orthopedic shoes.
- If you have diabetic foot, you must enclose the results from the examinations, performed your endocrinologist, proving the diabetic polyneuropathy or microangiopathy.
3. Submission of the medical protocol in the "Social Assistance” Directorate at the place of permanent residence, accompanied with Request-declaration, and after that receive the Ordinance, allowing the disbursement of the welfare assistance for the purchase of orthopedic shoes.
4. Visit any of our stores or branches, where we can take your size and
you can receive a pro-forma invoice, together with a specification for fabrication, so that you can submit them to the Social service.
5. Submission of the Ordinance to any of our offices, issuing of an invoice, initiation of the order and manufacturing of the product.
6. Receiving of the orthopedic shoes.