Orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes are medical products, manufactured for different diseases and deformations of the legs, and the feet. These are products, developed in accordance with the anatomic structure of the leg. They provide support to the longitudinal and transverse arches in the correct points of support. The heel must have its absorbing and softening function. At the same time, the base must support the arch of the foot. This exercises corrective influence, thanks to the effective points of support. The blood circulation and the stance is improved. The sole is put in a neutral position. The shoes are wide enough not to crush the toes. They are made of natural leather and help in the ventilation of the feet. The well-ventilated shoe helps to prevent fungal issues, which can develop on the skin due to the closed environment. The sufficient depth and width of the orthopedic shoes allow for different modifications, which the doctors can easily apply. Due to the moving insole, the doctor can easily put another internal sole, which he/she finds appropriate. This will increase even more the benefit of the insoles, used in the right shoes.

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